What a great way to surprise a friend or loved one!

Birthday Parties

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.”
― Orhan Pamuk

Do you work with a nonprofit organization that you need to raise money for?  Paint parties allow you to raise a large portion of money in a short time with NO cost to you! Simply supply a venue, and I provide everything you need for an enjoyable night of relaxation as we work together to provide for your cause.

Girls Night Out

The real question is...why NOT hold a paint party?

Why Hold A Paint Party?

Mobile Paint Parties

 Providing paint parties for Merced County and surrounding areas.  If you enjoy paint and sip nights, you'll love the option of an intimate night with close friends and family!

Artistry In Motion


Relax... I do ALL the work for you! All you have to do is have a minimum of 8 friends and I bring everything you need to the comfort of your home! I  can provide tables, chairs, drop cloths and ALL painting supplies for you and your guests to take your masterpiece home that night!
   Pick one of the pictures you see on my page or let's connect and come up with a painting you'd be proud to hang on your wall!

Invite those close to you over for an intimate, fun evening where you can cater to your creative side!